Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make Money with a Combination of Online Surveys, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Adsense, Squeeze Pages, and the Tinder Dating App

Making money requires a combination of techniques, skills, applications, developmental aids, supplemental files, and occasionally some antihistamines. This is definitely the case when it comes to my ultra-secret formula for making money online using an extravagant conglomeration of online surveys, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Adsense, squeeze pages, and the Tinder dating app.

Now before I get into the nitty-gritty as to how this system works, let me first tell you that I have consistently made money with this system, to the tune of $56,781.52, TO THE PENNY, every single day that I have implemented it. This flies in the face of all statistical possibilities, but yet I have done it. Hey, I don’t know how it all works out like that, I’m just glad to be counting those fat stacks of daily cash.

Anyway, here’s how the system works: First, you download the Tinder app and begin sending messages to different potential dates. Send about 1,500 messages per day. Send them to an online survey site that you set up through Survey Monkey, where you ask them questions about how much money they would like to make in the next 24 hours. Only focus on the people that want to make more than $1,000. Make sure that you include a survey question that asks them for their email address. Send those people an email through an anonymous Gmail account that you’ll set up, letting them know that they can claim their $1,000-plus prize if they simply add you as a contact on LinkedIn. Once they add you as a contact, use LinkedIn’s messaging system to request that they tweet about your LinkedIn profile to all of their followers on Twitter as a final step before they can claim their $1,000 prize.

When they tweet about your LinkedIn profile, make sure that they include a link to your Facebook profile page, on which you will put the URL to your squeeze page. Once visitors go to your Facebook profile and then click on your squeeze page link, they will arrive on a landing page that has at least 25 Adsense ad units on it. They will randomly click around in a frantic search for some kind of navigational aids, thus earning you thousands of dollars in Adsense clicks per day!!!

If you can’t see the simplicity of this cash-generating system, you’re not looking hard enough. Any time you need a quick and easy way to generate more money in a day than most people make in a year, don’t hesitate to use this system at your leisure. And just think…I’ve given it to you here, completely free of charge. But don’t worry…I’m going to start charging the stragglers $997 after midnight tonight.